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New to Ambien..

Hi there!
I'm about to take ambien 5 mg for the first time and I've read a lot about people blacking out, shopping online, texting people, etc.It sounds a bit scary. I'm just laying in bed watching TV hoping to fall asleep shortly.

Should I cut it in half just to be safe?

I'd appreciate any feedback.


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I would recommend taking the dose your doctor rxed for you. It's not a high dose. As for your concerns about side effects, the changes of those things happening is greatly reduced if you get into bed RIGHT when you take the medication. When people "fight" the medicine and stay awake, that's when weird hallucinations and behaviors tend to take place.
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Thank you so much. I waited to take the meds until I heard from someone. I slept so well I went to bed straight after taking the pill so no hallucinations. Best sleep in a while.

Thank you!
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Great! I'm so glad it helped you. Sweet dreams!  ;-)

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