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Nicorette/Nicotine Withdrawal and Sleep Apnea


I have recently decided to quit smoking.  My first night was extremely restless either due to Nicorette or withdrawal symptoms of Nicotine.

I have never had any occurrence of sleep apnea that I am aware of.  

I would get to sleep, but wake up with a gasp, after realizing that I had stopped breathing.  I was exhausted, and it was easy for me to get back to sleep, but it seemed as soon as I fell asleep, I would gasp and wake myself up again.  Does this sound like sleep apnea?

Is this a normal effect of either Nicorette or Nicotine withdrawals?

Should I be concerned?

Thank you for any help.  I appreciate it.

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I am currently experiencing the same side effects as you did.  I know it's been two years since you posted this, but was the issue with sleep apnea ever resolved?
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I left smoking after 50 years(In between I might have stopped smoking for  total of six months.
I  am 78.I have completed 3rd year as a non smoker.I take 1 mg of alprozalam for sleep. sleep apnea may not be related to smoking.I has soem urge sto smoke for few days
I never developed sleep apnea.sleep apnea may not be related to nicotine withdrawal.
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