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Nightmare within first minutes of falling asleep

I have been having nightmares often within the first few minutes of falling asleep. I do have PTSD but dont generally have PTSD related nightmares most of the time-maybe a few times a year. Lately I have been having nightmares early in my sleep pattern-just a few minutes into sleep. I have had the sleep paralysis experience a few times while ive been dreamimg which is frightening because im unable to wake up or move even though i know im asleep. I'm not under any unusual stress. I do have a lot of responsibility in my job-which I enjoy, but i dont really feel stressed.  I have had major life events in the last couple of years though. We had a death of a close family member-someone i thought of as a son, a divorce after my husbands infidelity, my remarriage, and  several surgeries as well. I am on Viibryd for these issues,  which has worked well for me. This sleep issue is causing my husband to lose sleep as well because often this happens repeatedly throughout the night. I drift off to sleep only to jolt awake shortly after in the middle of a nightmare.  Its also starting to affect my job performence as my quality of sleep is suffering.
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