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Hello, I saw many of you having the same problem that I have when I wakeup suddenly in the middle of the night. I usually open my eyes and I see this type of form of net, not spiders but more of a figure of a web/net that floats over me looking at ame  taking my breath away and cause me panic when I see it.  I think it happens when I am between the stage of waking up but I am awake.  When this happens I scream very laud and my husband jumps and wakes me up but I am awaked all ready once the lights get turn on it disappears its gone... This episodes happen at time and other times I wake up out of my self over looking my self, I try to wake up and I can't move, I force my self to tush my husband and talk to him so he can wakes me up but I struggle doing it, once I am able to shout out laud the words (all this being watch by my self over floating over my self) finally he wakes up and start touching me to wake me up and I am up and I am back on my self so fast that I get navy breathing and pausing heart but I am able to go back to bed....
Why this happens to me ? this episodes are not every night but sometimes are often and sometimes doesn't occur for a long time.
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It's called sleep paralysis.  It occurs when there is a miscommunication between the brain and the body during sleep.  When you're in the process of trying to sleep, your body sends a message to the brain telling it that the body is ready to go to sleep so the brain can do the same.  When your body enters sleep, your brain paralyzes the body during dreams (so we don't end up acting them out).  Sometimes, your brain mistakenly wakes up during this time, but your body remains paralyzed.  Melatonin supplements  before bedtime can help.  I get sleep paralysis at least 3 times a week since I was around 10, but I taught myself to not panic and return to sleep.  You can actually teach yourself to lucid dream when this happens.
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I think "yellowbirdhead" has hit the "nail on the head".

I read a book by Stephen LaBerges (may have the name a bit off) from Stanford, the book included an audio DVD which I listened to a number of times.  The subject "Lucid Dreaming" has a number of followers and the above mentioned work my help you learn how to implement it to address your problem.

I have not accomplished Lucid Dreaming, but I characterize myself a a troble mare not night mare person.  So my dreaming causes less stress than yours seems to.
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