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Nightmares and Sweats

So, for the past few weeks, I have been waking up in the middle of the night sweating. Its not just an I'm-hot sweating, its a my-clothes-are-wet sweating. As I think back, I do remember having a lot of nightmares. They usually start out as just really weird dreams, but at some point during the dream, things get bad. I know they aren't real because there is always something really crazy in them, but I don't know where these thoughts are even coming from to form a dream/nightmare. If anyone has any suggestions on what to do, please let me know. I'm at a loss right now.
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Given your description it sounds to me like you have achieved lucid dreaming, that is you know you are asleep.  See Lucid Dreaming I recommend the book by Stephen DeBerges (I think that is the name) he's with Stanford University.

The options you seem to have it to engage the dreams with you conscious mind, first make sure you are dreaming - DeBerges gives some ideas on how to test without taking unnecessary risks.  The other option, I have taken, is wake myself up.  This I did when a young boy, and it stopped the nighmare type dreams... completely? No, I still have a few but I'll estimate no more than one or two a year.  

On the other hand I have chronic trouble mares, and I haven't yet gone "lucid" that is I ride the dream out and wake up at some point remember much of the dream and feeling upset.  Perhaps more melancholy than upset.  I am now an elderly person and the type of dreams I have that give me some problems have more to due with a long history of things to remember than to due with current events.
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Stephen LaBerge is the author I was trying to recall dealing with Lucid Dreaming. There's lots of good stuff on the web, but I recommend his book with an audio CD enclosed as the best study resource.
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