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Nightmares and shaking bed during sleep

Hello everyone. For a long time now I have been having very poor sleep at night, lots of nightmares and I wake up constantly thruout the night tossing and turning. Recently, May 1st my boyfriend moved in with me and I found out that I also shake the bed at night. He said I do it almost every night and it happens almost all night long. He said that it feels like someone is at the foot of the bed shaking it. When he looks at me he can't see any movement but he knows it's cvoming from me.

I have a doctors apointment in a month and am hoping to have a Sleep Study done, but was wondering if anyone has experienced this before. I've seen a few threads about similar symptoms in children and some people have noticed it happening while they were still awake. I am 37 years old, not sure how long this has been happening because I've been sleeping alone for about 10 years now, and I am never awake when it happens.

Any ideas?
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Hi there, i am male and too aged 37. Sometimes when i am lying in bed trying to go to sleep, i feel my entire body shaking, but when i outstretch my fingers they are dead still.

I did find some information about it, however it was very vague and not conclusive it was anything related to a sleep disorder. Also i find the shaking relaxing now as i have had it for as long as i can remember and with me it usually indicates i am about to fall asleep.

Maybe you could try thinking the same, try not to worry and see if it too helps you to get to sleep. i think half the battle is telling yourself there is nothing wrong and I AM going to sleep. Using positive thoughts could be the help you need. I am not an expert, what works for me may not work for you.

Good luck, please keep me informed
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I am not really worried about it, more curious. I am so tired every day because I don't get good sleep, so I walk around like a zombie most of the time... lol Except on the weekends where I can sleep later, I guess because I stay in bed longer and make up for some of the restless sleep I have.

The only difference in betwenn you and I is that I am already asleep when this happens, I had no idea this was happening until my boyfriend moved in with me ans told me it was happening, I always thought it was just my nightmares causing me to have restless sleep.

Thanks for the reply :)
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