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Nocturnal Awakenings

Hello, I am a 17 year-old girl and I have had a lot of trouble sleeping. It all started due to some eating disorders I've had, about a year ago. On the first months I had trouble falling asleep and woke up a lot during the night. I attributed the insomnia to my illness.

But I've been recovering for some months now, my weight is perfectly healthy, and I eat properly (except for some occasional binges... and, very rarely now, purging.) I have no longer trouble falling asleep, but I still wake up a lot during the night. I usually go to bed as 11:30 PM/ 00:00 and wake up at 1 AM, then at 4 or 5 AM, and every half an hour or so after 6 AM.

It usually is due to one of three: the need to pee (i started to pee a lot more since i lost the weight), hunger (this is probably due to a summer job i had for two weeks recently where worked till 2 AM, came home, crashed on the bed and just had to get up in the middle of the night to eat) or heat.

But I avoid getting up to eat during the night - it just leads me to binge on an monstrous amount of carbohydrates, however, it does help me sleep better as soon as the guilt trip ends.

What can I do to sleep peacefully? I can never sleep more than 7 hours, which is very unusual among people my age, and never without waking up at least 1/2 times (if it's a good night).
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It could be your sugar levels especially as you are urinating more , you can have a sugar test done .
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i've tested it already, as my dad owns one of those home blood sugar level tests, and it was 86 in the morning, which i believe is normal, right?
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