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Over tired !

I've been exhausted for the past 2.5 going on 3 years.  Finally I was diagnosed with sleep apnea today, I stop breathing 33 times an hour, and snore excessively loud.  

The sleep doc, told me it would be another few weeks before I meet with cpap clinic, to recieve cpap.

I was just wondering, how fatigued a person can become from sleep apena ??  I'm to the point, I can hardly function.  

Is it normal to wait a few weeks, for cpap equipment.  Guess what I need to know is, what is considered severe sleep apnea ?  

Cause if I stop breathing 33 times an hour, I need to call the doc back and have them work alittle faster.  I also have an enlarged thyroid, that may be restricting my breathing during sleep.  
Thanks for any info.  
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events over 30 per hour is severe.  I too was diagnosed with a sleep breathing disorder (upper airway resistance syndrome) last year.  You have been sleep deprived for many years.  I too, was a zombie.  It took me a year to get used to cpap so be patient.  Waiting a couple of weeks for equipment is not unusual.  You may want to check out other sites devoted to sleep apnea such as apneasupport.org and cpaptalk.com
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Hi Phoebe,
Thanks for reply.  Amazing, my case is severe and yet, it's going to take a few weeks to treat the apnea.  *G*,.  

Sorry to read you developed breathing disorder, hope treatments are doing well for you.  

That's exactly how I feel everyday, sleep deprived.  It has taken doctors 2.5 years to finally figure it out !!  

It took you a year, to get used to the cpap.  Well I hope they give me the same one, I used during the sleep study, they inserted large tubes into my nose.  

So how soon did you notice an improvement, with sleep ?  I hope it happens overnight.  

Thanks for providing additional links, I will definetly visit the sites.
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How long did cpap take to work for you?  Also I'm having a really hard time adjusting to cpap, thanks
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hi Kate, how long have you been using the cpap? I got mine in Nov/13. the first full face mask I used really didn't work for me at all...it leaked every time I moved even slightly. the next mask I got on a trial worked muck better and it was the one I bought, from than on it really only took a few weeks to get comfortable wearing it and sleeping much better since...
what kind of mask do you have? a full face or a nose pillow?
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