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Overactive mind WHILE asleep

I've heard many people discuss having an Overactive mind that keeps them from falling asleep. While I have suffered from insomnia in the past, I am now able to fall asleep fairly well. The problem now is that, while I may get a sufficient amount of hours of sleep, I spend the entire night feeling completely wired. It's as if my brain is on a mission. It's really hard to explain because it jumps from vivid dreams, to semi-consciousness and a feeling the I spend the entire night doing math or scientific equations in my mind. I often wake up confused, unable to decipher wake from sleep. I often have to stare at my alarm clock as it rings, working by butt off to figure out what this object is because I'm not fully lucid. But before you think it's because I'm in a very deep sleep, I have to stress that my mind is not resting IN THE SLIGHTEST. before you assume this is sleep paralysis, I have to stress that my mind, while very active and buzzing, is not awake.

I'm exhausted. Every day. I can't seem to find anyone who experiences this same kind of behaviour. Please reply if you've ever experienced this. I need to know I'm not crazy
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You seem to have a hyperactive state of mind (neuronal activity) when you go to sleep, you should meet a doctor and get a prescription for anxiolytic / GABA drugs that help you sleep, taken for a short period until you recognize an alternative method for calming your mind (naturo therapy/ alternative medicine)
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I have the same thing... I evendors answer the phone and work in my sleep. My dreams and reality run neck and neck at times. I was hoping you found an answer.
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OMG. ....   I don't know how to answer this question, but I do know that I go through the same EXACT thing and it is driving me crazy.  Please let me know if you have found out anything.
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