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PLMD While Awake, no RLS

One or both of my legs jerk uncontrollably whenever I am relaxed or fatigued. I have absolutely no urge to move them (as with RLS), it is completely involuntary. It will stop while standing but continues as soon as I sit or lay down.
8mg. Ropinorole works 90% to control the jerks. left untreated my legs will jerk all night and will prevent any sleep whatsoever.
  Some days the medications inexplicably has no affect at all. Is there anything else I can do to cure or this?
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Just an idea you might bounce off your doctor.

I use Trazodone 50 mg ... it is a mild sleep aid and anti-depressant.  I have been using for about a week and get some help, albeit I have only rare RLS.  I'm thinking in your case it should help you fall asleep,and "who knows" some anti-depressant may calm down the leg jerks.
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Thanks, Jerry. I'll mention it to my doc and see what he thinks.
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