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Please help...nightmare or Apnea ????

I really need help with this...I feel really silly about it but here goes !!
Last night I fell asleep on the couch my daughter woke me up telling me I was moaning and shaking my head back and forth.
Then I went on to bed and I dreamed I could not breath, and was trying to BEG someone to take me to the hospital and they could not hear me because I could not breath.  I remember really trying to breath and couldn't.  I have done this before not the exact same dream but pretty much the same problem in all them.  When I did wake up I was sort of light headed and was breathing kind of hard.  It upset me enough that I cried some after I woke up.  I was really scared.
I will talk to the doctor about it but I dont go until the end of November.

THANKS for any info.
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Just from my own experience and reading what others have said, you wouldn't be the first to have similar dreams before being treated for sleep apnea. My dreams (and others I've read) ended with therapeutic cpap treatment. You might read up on signs of sleep apnea and see if some apply to you. Until you can do more about it, it may help a little to not sleep on your back and to raise the head of your bed a few inches by placing something between the mattress and box springs to elevate the mattress. This should not delay or replace diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea, which should be taken very seriously.
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