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Possible Narcolepsy?

So I always thought that narcolepsy was actually falling asleep during the day randomly (Which it is). Evidently it can also just be extreme daytime sleepiness.

I'm asking you guys on here before I ask my primary care physician so I don't look like a fool but here is what I'm exhibiting and have been exhibiting for about 7 years. (Since 9th grade in high school, currently a senior in college)

Excessive daytime sleepiness- This is not always constant but at random times I will become EXTREMELY tired, and on the verge of falling asleep. I will become so tired that my eyes start to become cross eyed I have trouble holding my head up. This mainly occurs while in lecture or driving. The weird thing about this though is that it is normally accompanied by an erection (not whatsoever brought on by sexual arousal) and I never get random erections during the day except when I get excessively tired. - Can anyone give an explanation to the erection?

This is the main problem. The excessive sleepiness is a problem due to the fact of driving. It gets so bad while driving that the fact of me going half cross eyed every 2 seconds is going to cause an accident one day.

Sleep paralysis- This never occurs prior to falling asleep but occasionally I will wake up paralyzed and this will last upwards of 1-2 minutes. I really hate this feeling and it gets to the point where I'm scared to go back to sleep.

Snoring- My girlfriend sleeps over every Saturday and says that my snoring keeps her up at night a lot.

Kicking my legs- I move my legs in my sleep as well.

I just overall toss and turn a lot while sleeping.

Talking in my sleep- This one I figured out on my own because I was evidently talking in my sleep and woke up at the same time and finished off my sentence as I woke up from a dream.

I do not exhibit cataplexy

Does anyone think this could be narcolepsy or something else?

I get normally 8 hours of sleep per night. Sometimes 7, but I normally shoot for 8. I am 22 years old
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Murph65 is right on. Proper diagnosis of narcolepsy requires a specific type of sleep study, but it's not something your family doctor will administer. Suggest to your doctor a referral to a sleep specialist, who can handle the sleep study. This is the only way to be sure.
Good luck!
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Hey man, I just wanted to tell you that I'm not a doctor nor any medical professional history. But I was just recently diagnosed with Narcolepsy, with very similar symptoms just a little different. Starting when I was probably 7 I would hallucinate every night, hear see and feel, I would wake up paralyzed and when the hallucinations scared me I would become paralyzed again. I was EXTREMELY tired just like you, and also, didn't experience cataplexy, except sometimes my muscles would become weak and my eyes would blurr. But what I'm trying to say is yes, the symptoms your saying other then the snoring and kicking the legs are symptoms of narcolepsy, I also talk In my sleep on a regular basis/sleep walk. My advice would be to talk to your family doctor who should refer you to a sleep specialist, and you'll most likely have to do a sleep study. I'm not a doctor, just a 17 year old kid that is trying to help! Good luck, and don't just *let it go* I did that for many years, and now regret it, don't let it get any worse! Best of luck
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