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Problems with going back to sleep

Hello this may seem weird but I what to address this. When I go to sleep (usually 10-12) I always wake up about 5 hours later (so like 3-5). This may not seem like a problem just go back to sleep. But when I do I always have nightmares. And i can not move at times when I'm trying to go back to sleep or after a nightmare. This is very stressful to deal with. Is there anything that I can do so stop this?
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That sounds super frustrating.  Do the dreams wake you up or you just remember them?  Are you on any medications? Do you have anything like anxiety, depression, ptsd or restless leg syndrome?  What about your exercise routine?  The more exercise I get during the day, the better  sleep.  There are also ways to help with meditation to fall back so sleep and have peaceful slumber.  
Perhaps this will be worth reading as well.  https://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/guide/nightmares-in-adults#1
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I have the same issue with waking from intense dreams with anxiety type themes.  I fall back asleep but feel I immediately start dreaming again.  Sometimes I am in between being an awake dream state knowing its just a dream.  I feel that even though I may sleep 7 hours that the repeated interruption of sleep at the back end of my night causes me to feel unrested and tired all day.  I was looking for ways to control the dreams.  I haven't sleep well for the past couple years and haven't had these dream issues until I started to get more sleep time.  Maybe its more of a rebound after all the time my sleep was so poor.  I really don't take anything for sleep.  Only one or twice a month a Benadryl or low dose Benzo.  
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