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RERA/UARS: Are my symptoms typical of this condition?

Over the past 10 years I woke up gasping for air only a handful of times but I felt like I almost died each time. Very scary! Luckily it doesn't happen often.  The symptom that bothers me the most is as follows:

As I am falling asleep I was up feeling short of breath.  I take a deeper breath or two start to doze off again and bam it happens again.  This happens a multitude of times for hours on end. It doesn't feel like anything is obstructing my airway at all.  More like I'm not breathing enough.  Like a brain issue or something. So I had a sleep study done.  The results are as follows:

I had 4 hours of fragmented sleep (52% efficiency), N1 18%, N2 44%, N3 19%, REM 19%. I had 89 arousals and 39 awakenings with an AI of 22. I had 2 OSA events while in REM and lying in the supine position.  I had 1 CSA event while in REM and lying on my left side.  No hypopneas.  My AHI was 0.7. SATs stayed above 90% all night.  My RDI was 8.2 per hour with 31 RERA's. MD impression: Snoring and RERA"s consistent with upper airway resistance. He recommends an oral appliance for snoring.

Question: During my sleep study I did not experience my main problematic symptom stated above. I assume they are RERA's but are they typical symptoms of UARS or could they be CSA"s that were not caught during sleep study since I didn't experience the symptoms during study? Again I don't feel obstructed upon awakenings when I do have them. Also what do you think of  the MD recommendations?  Thank you!
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Your best recommendation on this will come from a medical professional who examines you and knows your medical history.  If you have any reason to question the advice you've received, go for a second opinion.
I thought the questions on this site were answered by medical professionals.  I saw some Dr. user names so I assumed but I guess you can choose any user name can't you lol.  Oh well,. should have known better.  Thank you!
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