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Repeat a Multiple Latency Sleep Test?

Is it appropriate to be retested for excessive daytime sleepiness if the original test was done more than five years ago and the person has been taking Provigil (300 mg) daily?

If so, should the Provigil be discontinued a certain number of days before taking the test?

Thank you in advance,

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You should probably consult your doctor at the sleep centre as to whether a repeat test is required or not in your case. Since it has been a long time when you had last got it done, perhaps your doctor may advise to undergo the test once more.  

This test is the standard test used rule out Narcolepsy and/or Idiopathic Hypersomnolence, as well as to detect sleep architecture abnormalities associated with narcolepsy.

You should continue taking prescribed medications until your doctor gives some other instructions. If you are taking stimulant drugs for narcolepsy such as Provigil, it should be discontinued only under the direction of your physician. Generally the doctors ask the patients to discontinue taking the medication approximately five to seven days before the MSLT.

Take care

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Thank you for your advice.
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