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Restless Legs during Sleep

I found that I have this problem during my sleep, which is (Restless Legs). What can I do to control it? I'm feeling sleepy all the time, but I found it challenging to have sleep at night. I don't sleep enough.
What could I do?
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Oh, sorry to hear. Restless leg can be a bear to deal with and definitely disrupt sleep.  Have you been to your doctor about it? There are different reasons why people have it.  Sometimes it is an iron deficiency, believe it or not.  Your doctor can test for that and you should only start iron supplements if they recommend it.  You'd want to make sure your kidney's are functioning properly, and again, your doctor can test for that.  Also, if you have peripheral neuropathy, this increases restless leg syndrome.  Those with diabetes or who have been long time heavy alcohol drinkers sometimes get that. Dealing with the underlying issue in those cases can improve restless leg syndrome.  

Other options are medicine.  Meds that increase dopamine in the brain are known to help (I know about Requip as an option) and calcium channel blockers seem to help.  Sometimes they give muscle relaxers too.  I'd try to stay away from sleep aids and/or opioids but they are also used.  

Also do all the usual things to promote good sleep such as avoiding caffeine, getting regular exercise, having good sleep habits, regular bed times, etc.


Hope this gets better.  We're here to support you and talk about it.
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Thank you for your answer.
I did a lot of tests.
Last year, I suffered from hypoglycemia, and almost my proteins, minerals, and vitamins became lows as a complication of weight loss surgery knows as Bile Pancreatic Diversion (Scopinaro). Due to the hypoglycemia, I have jerky movement and severe pain in my both leg. This sharp pain is until now. I have revision surgery, but later, I have these sleep problems. I discover that I have restless legs during my sleep recently.
After my revision surgery, I diagnosed with hypothyroidism too. I'm under thyroxin now. I have vitamin D deficiency also. I'm on the steroid to give me energy because without it became down.
I need to have a regular life. I'm tired.
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