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Restless sleep, fatigue, and lack of energy

I have been having issues with sleep for a while and have little to no clue what is causing it and cannot find a way to ease it. I got to bed fine, waking up can be a little difficult as I'm always groggy and could go back to sleep if I really wanted to, but when I do wake up I feel fine...which is completely normal, but then a few hours later I get very fatigued and start to lose most of my energy. As I am typing this I feel the symptoms and it really messes with my productivity. There are days where I have gone to work and had to deal with it throughout the day and, while I can pull through, it really hits me harder later on. I have gone to the doctor and had a blood test with no abnormal results but the doctor suggests a sleep study which I am probably going to do, but I would like to see what other medical professionals think. So far I've been told my triglycerides were a little high (not surprised) but that's it, nothing in regards to what it could be. I have searched many different medical information resources from Mayo clinic to WebMD but found nothing that hit my conditions on the nose. I am getting a 6-12 hours of sleep, I don't really have problems falling asleep but when I do I use 3 mg of melatonin 1-2 hours before sleep, I have dry skin which may or may not be related, I have had some hypoglycemic issues that may or may not be related and occur very rarely and are usually brought on when I don't eat much, I am not likely to fall asleep during the day unless I am more fatigued by activity, I do get up during the night 0-3 times but I fall back to sleep within 1-2 minutes, I do have excess thirst (the past two days I drank at least 80 oz of fluid and urinate more frequently than before (could be diabetes insipidus) which may or may not be related. That about sums it up.

What could this potentially be? I'm not asking for a diagnosis as that is my doctor's job, just need a point in the right direction to see what may fit what I seem to be experiencing. As of now I think it may be diabetes insipidus, or perhaps occasional hypoglycemia or even chronic fatigue syndrome.
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Go with your doctor's advice and get the sleep study. The first thing you need to rule out is sleep apnea, and a sleep study will do that for you. I am not a doctor, but I've been assessed for diabetes insipidous myself, and can tell you that while 80 oz is more than your usual intake it's not actually a terribly high fluid intake. It's only two cups more than the standard recommendation of 8 cups per day.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is unfortunately a diagnosis of exclusion, so you will have to be tested for numerous things before that would be considered. You mentioned your doctor ran bloodwork but didn't specify what for. It would be helpful to know what tests have already been done.

Best, H.
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I was wondering if you might help us out by answering a one-question survey?  If you have a moment, go to the front page (hit the back to community button at the top of this page) and locate the poll about sleep topics. I would love to have your feedback. Thanks, H.
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