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Saw cat while camping

My husband and I went camping last night. He always let's me fall asleep before he does because I get scared (I know, rediculous). I slept sound through the night, only waking up to him snacking two or three times through out the night. Today, he told me that he woke up to use the restroom at some point, and when he came back in the tent and laid down, he saw a white cat with orange and black spots on it sitting in between us. He also said he picked the cat up and moved it, then went back to sleep. After he told me this, I obviously suggested that he was probably dreaming, but he says "it felt so real". He is a person that has nightmares multiple times a week, very vivid and realistic ones so he knows pretty well when he is dreaming or if it was a dream he remembers. He insists this time it is different. Nothing like this has happened before, only this one time. Is there some sort of sleep-related explanation for this? Or possibably something actually paranormal? I'm a little uneasy about this along with my husband. I cannot find anything on the internet at all. I hope I'm asking this in the right feed. Thank you
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Try to objectively gauge the realistic possibility of this happening.  If the chances tend toward improbable, that suggests some sort of imagined dreamlike perception, which seems reasonable given his vivid dreams.
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