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See and talk to people who aren't there at night

I just recently started having weird experiences at night.  I awake and start talking to a loved one, family member or friend who is in my bedroom.  The conversation usually goes like "what are you doing here".   Sometimes they say they are just getting something but one time my ex was at the end of my bed and I said "What are you doing here" - he replied "I'm not really here".  I was awake because I remember how mad I got at him. Although he has a key to my house, he was not staying there.  I said "you can't be here" and he replied "I'm not here".   So, I then had the same experience seeing my nephew, who I know for sure was not in my room.  Just recently I've been having a similar experience but with it being my son.  I awake in the night and he is on the other side of my king sized bed.  Last night I asked him if he's okay and he said "yes, I'm okay" and went to sleep.  That never really happened.  It's driving me crazy.
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You've been hallucinating.  Have you been under a lot of stress lately?  Eaten any mushrooms?  Or taken any drugs from an unreliable source?  Or of course, aware of having consumed any hallucinogins?
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I've had hypnagogic hallucinations where someone says something and I reply to them. However, I haven't ever seen someone AND heard them talk simultaneously. These kinds of hallucinations aren't uncommon, but It's odd that it's happening to you so often. I have narcolepsy, so that's why I get them. But you might want to do some research on lucid dreaming and hypnagogic hallucinations to figure out how to prevent this.
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