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Seeing my mother in my room while half awake

My nieces and nephews live in my house. The little girl (Hope) is 7 months old. Today I was half awake and my mom came in my room and asked if she could put Hope in her saucer in front of my TV so she could do a few things around the house. I said yes. But you'll have to plug my TV in. I always leave my TV unplugged because I never use it. I feel back asleep before my mom walked out of my room. When I woke up for work, I asked my mom if she ever put Hope in my bedroom. She had no idea what I was talking about. But when I first woke up, I unplugged my TV before I got in the shower so I wouldn't forget.
So my mom swore on God she didn't come in my room today. But my TV was plugged in, after it hasn't been plugged in for atleast 6 months.
Does anyone know what could have / who could have done this????
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Most likely you were dreaming and thought you were half awake.
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It must have been a real vivid dream... Or some sort of paranormal thing... My grampa said sometimes when gramma was alive that lights would suddenly turn on in the  house when they, only ones there, wre in bed. I think its possible of something beyond most human comprehension
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