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Seeing things in the night

I have read quite a few comments on people  seeing spiders, snakes and other less desirable objects.
I on the other hand now and again Wake up to see cute Little dwarfs, teddy bears Disney like figures cruising across my ceiling and disapearing through the wall/ceiling. They smile at me and sometimes wave !
Anyone have the same ?
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Hey angel

Amusing as it may there is a big difference between seeing in a dream and hallucinating. If you are for any reason is hallucinating this fairy tail creatures I think it is something to be look into. Hallucinations should be carefully look into because an underlying mental health issue can be seriously involve.

I know it may not be that scary however if this turned out to be hallucinations then it's vital that it ceases immediately.
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Yeah. At times. Not lately. I used to think about this as sort of a genetic advantage in having your own little private amusement park.
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