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Severe swelling to eyes/forehead after 1 night with cpap

My husband was recently given a cpap and a brand new mask. He used it a couple of nights and really felt great in the mornings when he woke up.  Friday night he used the mask, slept in a recliner (he is a heavy man and has a hard time sleeping lying down) and literally slept for 9 straight hours in the same position.  When he woke up he felt so great, but he had a hard red lump in the middle of his eyebrows. As the day went on, the lump got so big and swollen it turned into a large sore and his entire forehead swelled to the point of his eyes being shut, and his forehead being abnormally large.  He has not worn the cpap since then and this morning (Monday) his swelling has not subsided at all. His eyes are practically swollen shut and his head is still misshapen and hard to the touch.  
I have no clue what this could be, this is all new to us and it's quite frightening. Here are some facts about my husband:
-He is 41 years old
-Morbidly obese
-Has had sleep problems his entire life (yelling, screaming and fighting all night in his sleep) but didn't  develop apnea until he put on a lot of weight 10 years ago
-He has no medical insurance.  He has a friend who is a RT, and he gave him the cpap machine,  but he was never fitted or shown how to work the machine. He was just given BASIC instructions.
-the mask he wears just goes over his nose and mouth with a strap across the forehead

Please help with any information as to what this eye/forehead swelling could be. As well as the resulting sore that is now seeping in the middle of his eyebrows.  
Any information and/or advice would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you
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