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Sexsomnia or Sex Sleep

I'm researching sexsomnia and would like any information I can obtain from willing participants. For those of you who may not know, sexsomnia is the occurrence of initiating sexual behaviors upon a partner while asleep. The person doing this is completely unaware of what they are doing (much like sleep walking/talking/eating etc). I would like to discuss this issue with anyone who has either 1) treated persons who have been through this or 2) have been on the receiving or giving end of this atypical behavior. I need to know how it affects the persons involved mentally, emotionally, environmentally, etc. Also, any stressors, fears, or concerns that sexsomnia may have placed upon the persons involved as well as how it affects self perception, values, and identity.

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.
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HCarroll, I can help from the giving end and I can ask my wife to provide answers about the receiving end.  I was completely unaware that this is an issue.  It's happened numerous times in my marriage and I thought it was a normal phenomenon.  Let me know what information you require.


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Yeah I've been the initiator a few times and my boyfriend has a few as well... not as much as me though... there was one time we were haveing sex and once he got off he completely just layed there ( i was awake by the way and unaware that he was asleep... he seemed sleepy but I had no idea he was unconscious) but for the most part we end up waking up a little half way through. he has told me that I usually initiate sex while we are sleeping... and he has said that sometimes... when I havent actually acted on it... I will clearly be having sex in my dreams... I dont remember these dreams but he'll ask me in the morning if i had any good dreams last night.... ha So yeah it's kinda weird... but it hasnt really been a problem...i would like to know more about it... it would be interesting to hear about the information you aquire.
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