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Shaking bed + unable to scream

Hi guys! It's going to be detailed, so bare with me please. I am really scared and confused. I read tons of things on it and I still don't know whether it's OBE or a spirit trying to communicate...

Ok. So. About a month ago, I was sleeping on my stomach and I was have a very vivid dream. I remember I was sitting down and my dad was bringing me a corpse-like person. The corpse was on a table and in a fetus position. When I looked at it (in the dream), it cam to life and charged at me. It had a third eye, and a very scary face. At that exact moment, I felt my body going numb and being sucked into the bed. I got scared, so I turned on my back. When I did that, I felt an energy go under the covers at my feet. The covers first hugged my legs (wide awake, unable to move or scream, but conscious!) and then made waves over my legs. A litle after, the bed started shaking really fast!! I wanted to scream "MOM!!" (I'm 19) but no words were coming out of my mouth. When it stopped, I ran downstairs and told my mom (calmly) that there was something in my room. Since we are a family that is pretty connected with our spiritual sides, she came rushing up and told me to use the white light protection over my body. I did... but I'm not yet very successful at it because I felt the energy in my bed again.. but the bed wasn't shaking. I just felt it though.

Then, nothing happened until last night. I was lying on my left side, facing the wall. I was having a vivid dream again about going to the gym with three of my friends. We had to walk up stairs, but a guy came by and told us that the gym was closed. He then fell down all those black metal stairs. That's when the dream stopped and I felt someone (or something) pull and push the bed at the same time. I woke up, and the bed started shaking again! But literally shaking really fast. I heard the foot of the bed shaking on the hardwood floor in my bedroom. I turned on my back, but there was no energy flowing through my covers. I still couldn't scream, and barely could move. Oh! And I need to mention that I cleansed my body right before going to bed.
to continue, when the shaking stopped, I went in the livingroom to sleep.. I was way too scared. I left my bedroom door open though. When I laid on the couch with my cover (another one), I tried to make sense of what was happening. The minute I closed my eyes though, I heard my bed shaking again! BUT I WASN'T IN IT!! And I heard it shake! I freaked out. I went to my sister's bedroom (right next to mine) and woke her up to ask her to sleep with her. She asked why and all of a sudden I started crying and told her that there was something in my room! She went to get my parents while I was pretty much paralyzed on her bed. My mom came right away and tried to calm me down, but I was crying, shaking, and apparently sweating like a pig! But with cold, cold sweat.
I then went back to sleep in my sister's room and nothing else happened.

So..... does anyone know what happened??
Thank you very much in advance!
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Interesting and frightening reading, but...  can you prove it?  I mean to yourself and your family.  

I think you should try to set some kind of alarm in your room that would go off if the bed is moved violently... not sure there is such a thing, but the web could answer that.. Save that maybe putting the legs of the bed in metal buckets or pans that would make a lot of noise.  Maybe a hand operated alarm, you said you can't scream, but can you push a button?

It would be helpful if someone else came into the room to observe the activity... perhaps there are marks on the floor, you mention hardwood I believe.  

You said the bed was shaking when you were trying to settle down in the living room...seems whatever is more interested in your bed, than in you.  Maybe a new bed, or barrow a bed, even a floor mattress anything to get you out of the bed to see what happens.

I am just doing some "brain storming" with you, I really have no experience, thank god.  And being an Engineer my mind tends toward this being in your mind/dream not a physical fact.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.
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