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Shaking in Dreams! waking up and I cannot move


My name is William and I am 18 years old.

A few weeks ago I had a strange thing happen to me when I was sleeping although I cannot be sure if I actually was sleeping or half-awake.

It has started to happen again and is making me worried about going to sleep.

As i'm about to drop off, my brain will storm all crazy thoughts to the point where i'm not sure if i'm awake or dreaming. I will try & wake up and when I open my eyes I literally cannot move. This however isnt the worse thing to happen. Just before I wake up to this paralysis, I can feel my body shake very very violently - but i'm sure it's in my head. I finally wake up & i'm fine! I finally drop of to sleep and once again I will shake ( not physically ) or at least it feels as if I am... This is all very hard for me to explain in words :) so i'm sorry if this is rather blunt ! please advise medics & non-medics:) Pleaseeee

Thanks in advance
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sounds like sleep paralyzes

go to your doctor he may order an eeg of your sleep.. its quite common, i have suffered with this when i am stressed...  
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This should not be a scary experience although sometimes when you do not know what is happening it can be. I have always done this. It is called astral travel. It happens to people who are more in tune or who have a lineage of those more in tune with the spiritual world. Your soul is not a part of your body but more inside your body. Sometime during sleep it leaves but is never unattached. There are so many things in this world that people do not understand and one of them is that we are such a small part of this large universe. We are all souls and we do not die. We inhabit these crapy bodies to do our duties on earth. We sleep to rejuvinate our souls! Sometimes after traumitizing times on earth our souls may leave our bodies to visit certain healing places which we are lead to by our spirit guides...God gave all of us atleast one, however we have many angels. We also may choose, in our sleep ofcourse, to visit past loved ones or even drop in on others! They can not see us though as we are there in spirit. The alarming paralyzing fear happens when we our physical body starts to awaken before our spirit is back in form inside. We are awake but cant move, we hear or feel buzzing, we feel as if we are being held down by an evil force who wants to eat our unborn children.....No.  Does this not all pass? Yes, because quickly, faster than you realize you have returned to your body and can now move again.  I know how scary this is as I used to have the same thing. Now before I go to sleep I say that I only want to leave if I can have a quick return. You can never be lost or not find your way back. We are intricate spirits and way to smart to "get lost". I always ask before I go to bed to have healed whatever damage may have been done during the day in this wonderful world, sarcasm here, to be healed while I am asleep or off visiting the spirit world. Some people can even remember vividly hovering above their bodies or being on the celing to then flying out of the window and into mountains.  I like to think of it as a nice little escape! Have fun!
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I too get this, sleep paralysis and the Electric Shocks in my brain, body shaking violently.

This post which I found tonight has a great deal of information on it along with a great many people experiencing the same symptoms.

To Lauren
I have had the Astral travel experience too, and I have to say it is amazing but if you have ever had the electric shocks I've had in my head b4, sometimes after you would not want it to happen again. It feels as though your head is about to explode, almost probably what a brain hemorrhage is like.
I do this alot aswell but I see a person in front of me every time and when I wake up hes not their. I went to the doctor many times but they couldn't figure out what is wrong with me. One time I woke up crying and soaked from sweat.
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I had the same dream except it felt like i was awake and SOMEONE was shaking me and i thought my eyes were open but i couldnt move and they kept shaken me violently and i had pins and needles! :(
It was the worst dream ever cause i thought i was awake and i had no control over my body!

Kym Age 17
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I've been having the same issues for about a year now. It doesn't happen every night; I would say 2 or 3 times a week. I went to a sleep center where they strapped this crazy thing on my head and made me sleep with in on. The whole problem with this was it was hard going to sleep in this place, I had this thing on my head and one of those pulse things on my finger, and it didn't happen that night (no shaky dreams). So of course I got a clean bill of health. I also went through an EEG and an MRI with the same ending - thank God I live in Canada. My doctor said it could be due to weight problems, but I've lost about 40lbs since it started and it's still happening.

These shaky dreams - I hate calling it this because they sometimes fell a whole lot more violent - can vary substantially. This is why I finally searched on the web to see what it is; last night's was probably the worst one I've had. The thing I hate the most is that I fall back to sleep and it happens again and again - I think 7 times is the most, but it's hard to remember. The other thing I hate is I would force my eyes open and attempt to move, but of course I was as still as a brick, then I would close my eyes again, shake like crazy and finally wake up. This sounds crazy, but one time I actually saw this thing floating above me and I started getting goosebumps (this is after I forced my eyes open, so I couldn't move). After that experience I wasn't sure what to think - is it a brain thing, a spiritual thing or just some unexplainable phenomenon.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with this, maybe there are answers out there after all. I hate doing it, but I sometimes leave the tv on while I sleep and I don't get them (I've only done this a few times, so I'm not sure if this is a sure-fire way to prevent this).

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I get this all the time, it started probably 7-8 years ago, im 21 now and im quite sick of it really. I think my problem is on another level because i cant breathe for a good minute! its terrifying. Something is holding me down, i cant move i cant speak, but i can see, sometimes my eyes roll back and im not doing that on purpose.

Ive had the shaking experience only once or twice at most, but nonetheless it scared the **** out of me. Many times this weirdness occurs as im about to enter sleep but last nite it happened while i was wide awake!!!!! i felt a huge pressure on my chest i couldnt move even a finger. I felt terrified for absolutely no reason. I wasnt stressed or even tired.

I believe its completely spiritual rather than biological, because its occurence is very varibale. It doesnt always happen when im tired , stressed or even depressed, im not overweight, i dont do drugs, dont drink alcohol & i dont have an illnes...it just happens when it wants to. Also im a tad bit psychic, im ver much in touch with my spiritual side. I do believe in spirits but i really cant explain nor understand this phenomena
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