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Should I go to my doctor?

In the last couple of months I've been noticing that as I fall asleep, always right when I start to dream I wake up suddenly because of shortness of breath, it feels like I've slowed down breathing or have stopped breathing. It's a little concerning because it intereferes with me trying to get to sleep lately but it's not like there are any other worrying symptoms going on.

When I pay attention to my breathing while awake I do the same thing so I'm not sure if it's sleep apnea, it just doesn't bother me and give me a jolt like it does at night, in the frame of a minute my breathing will change from normal, to deep, and then extremely shallow and then I will just forget to breathe for 10 seconds. My breathing hasn't always been like this, maybe it's just stress, I really don't know if I should be concerned about it or not.

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I have a similar experience. My sister is a nurse so I asked her if I have a heart problem or something. She said that it's sleep apnea and recommended me to have an everyday routine walking exercises. So I followed her advice and I noticed that my snoring has stopped and my sleeping hasn't been comfortable since. It's also good to incorporate some breathing exercises while walking. There are a lot of breathing techniques that you can practice on. But if the problem still persist it is always advisable to go to a professional.
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Have you been able to discuss this with your doctor yet? How are your symptoms doing now? I hope you've had some improvement or at least have started to try to hammer this out with your physician.

Best, H.
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Thank you very much everyone for the answers, it was very difficult to choose best answer so I just went with the longest one, it had some good ideas I can do myself too.
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Since you've noticed a change in your breathing, even in the daytime, you should get your symptoms checked out with your doctor.  You should not "forget to breathe".
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It does sound like sleep apnea to me and I would suggest you make an appointment to see a sleep doctor to have a sleep study done.

I believe you will end up having to use a CPAP machine so you can finally get a good nights sleep. I hope you have the study done so you can get to feeling back to normal.
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