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Sleep Apnea symptoms

Can sleep apnea have debilitating symptoms throughout the course of the day? For example: inability to concentrate; confusion; dizziness, pressure in the head that seems to emanate from upper cervical; inability to make correct decisions; a feeling like my head has fallen asleep? If the brain is being deprived of oxygen, then why would symptoms appear when I wake up and am breathing normally? This has been going on for three years. Every doctor thinks problems are all from the cervical spine. Had nerve blocks, botox, therapy, all the scans, everything is normal. Having a hard time functioning during the day. Surprisingly, some days are good, and some days are bad. Is there any way sleep apnea could cause these symptoms. I'm not sleepy during the day. I do stop breathing occasionally at night, but I wake up refreshed and well rested. I've investigated every thing else to try to get to the bottom of this, but not much success. Feels like something is being "choked" off to the brain.....like my brain is not getting the signals it's supposed to thus causing my confusion, forgetfulness, Alzheimer-type symptoms. (Have been tested for that, also). Like I'm here inside my head and the rest of the world is just going by and I'm watching it. The only thing I have left to investigate is sleep apnea. Any ideas?
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Some, not all, of the symptoms can in fact be caused by sleep apnea. The pressure in the head feeling may be an independent symptoms. But since you mention that you get up every morning feeling fresh and are not sleepy throught the day, sleep apnea does not appear to be the case. I would still ask you to go for a sleep study.

Another factor that can play a role is stress. If your work is stressful, you may get these symptoms.

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You have some symptoms froom sleep apnea.  One of the effet of sleep apnea is  sleep deprivation.
Sleep deprivation
For the people with Sleep Apnea, due to the poor of sleep they always have, they are much more tired and frustrated which make them less able to recognize the effects of sleep deprivation. Some side effects such as frequent urinate and excessive sweating during night.

Effects of Sleep deprivation (can be both physically and mentally)
→ Excessive daytime sleepiness (such as fallen asleep in inappropriate times).
MILD Excessive daytime sleepiness - OSA may fall asleep in a non-stimulating environment (such as reading book in a quiet room)
SEVERE Excessive daytime sleepiness or may fall asleep in a stimulating environment (such as in meeting during work)
→ Falling asleep during work time or watching TV
→ Falling asleep during driving (called drowsy driver syndrome) because of sleep deprivation
→ Frequent cessation of breathing during sleep time
→ Morning wake up feeling unfreshed and exhausted even after asleep all night
→ Behavior and personality changes
→ Trouble in concentration
→ Poor memory and poor judgment
→ Loss of energy
→ Depression and anxiety
→ Weigh gain
As some of your days are fine, you can gather more information an dseek advise from your doctor.  You can prepare a sleep dairy with the follwoing information, it would lbe helpful for your doctor to understand more about your sleep.

To determine whether you have sleep disorders or not, recording a sleep dairy can help.  A sleeping habits history can help you and your doctor to find out the causes.  Your sleep dairy show include the following:-
→ Time go to bed
→ Time wake up
→ Number of sleep hours
→ Times you wake up during night
→ How to you rate your sleep, not good, fair or good
→ Your activity before bed
→ Your last meal time before bed
→ Any smoking, alcohol and caffeine drinks before bed
→ Any drugs or medications taken.  What time and amount you have take.

For myself, I am doing some research and studies on Sleep Apnea,Insomnia,Snoring,OSA,Sleepless,Narcolepsy Topics, if you would like to get further information, plesae feel free to visit my blog at
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What tests did youhave done for Alzheimer's.  Do you know if it is hereditary?

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Hi, you can also get lot more information on clicking this link, http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/sleepapnea.html , how are you feeling now. Take care bye.
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What do you mean by the pressure in head being an independent symptom?
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Hi, how are you. Not heard from your side, did you visit your doctor and got the sleep study done or not yet. How are you feeling now, try things as suggested till you are medically diagnosed. Keep updating us. Take care, bye.
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