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Sleep Apnea

Hello im a 17 old male im about 5'7 250lbs, ive recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea i have a mild case, thats only going to get worse as i get older, the first few months on my BIPAP machine were wonderful i didnt feel energetic but i didnt feel tired i felt normal.

i guess the question im trying to get at is recently ive been waking up alot in the middle of the night for no apparent reason and no matter how tired i am its almost impossible for me to fall back asleep immediatley my mind starts racing, and ive found it increasingly harder to sleep with my BIPAP mask on cause i have to tighten it so much so that i can actually roll over and it wont leak out the air, i was wondering if maybe there was something i could do to maybe calm my mind or stay asleep longer or something.
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Firstly, I am surprised you are being prescribed a BiPAP for mild sleep apnea. Generally mild forms of sleep apnea are managed conservatively, with weight reduction, sleep hygiene, etc.

Are you anxious about something ? Anxiety is a major cause of mid-night insomnia. You may use some anti-anxiety medication, with the prescription, to allay any anxiety. It is obvious that the tight mask is taking a lot of your attention while you are trying to fall asleep.

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Hi, relax!, you may have some difficulty initially but will get adjusted by time, continue with your routine.and keep us updated. Bye.
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Don't give too much pressure to yourself.  It will only give stress to your body and difficult to fall asleep again after awaken.  If you find going back to sleep is very difficult, you can have a cup of warm chocolate or listen to some soothing music.  It can help.

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Hope you can give a better sleep !!
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I use the CPAP for my sleep apnea and know that I would constantly wake up during the night because the mask would slip or would be uncomfortable or even the most annoying--hissing.  Maybe it's as simple as that.  I switched the type of mask I use in the last month to a nasal pillow and it is much better for me.  I don't have to strap it on tightly and it's much more comfortable, leading to better rest at night.  You should consider using an alternative mask and see if it helps.
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Hi, how are you feeling now, is there any progress with your BIPAP mask use. Its good idea to try something that suits you or you feel comfortable with as you are required to use this for some time. Consult your doctor to swithover if it is not working for you. Take care.
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