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Sleep apnea with a 2 year old, Surgery, can anyone relate??

Hello, my daughter has been diagnosed with sleep apnea. She has had breathing issues since birth and Im starting to wonder if maybe a shot that was given to my gf while in the hospital could have contributed or been the cause factor in her having sleep apnea. When my gf was about 30 weeks or more pregnant she contracted the H1N1 virus that led her to be hospitalized for a week. When she first got there, she was critical. The infectious team decided to give her a shot called tami-flu. Not too long after (5-6 weeks), my daughter was born. She immediately has breathing problems and had pre-natal pnmeuonia. She was in ICU for a few weeks. After she was released, she started to begin with the sleep apnea. It has progressively got worse. She has surgery booked in early Nov, after they just recieved her results of the apnea. They aren't wasting anytime. They said the complication with the surgery could be high, and even told us too stick around. She's having her adnoids removed, her tonsils removed, work to her esaphugus and checking the voice box for nogules (cysts?) and doing a byopsi. (SORRY FOR THE SPELLING, IM EXHAUSTED). Has anyone has any similar experiences with their young ones that they could share. Im worried for my daughter, she breaths very very bad at night and Im afraid the the anesthsia once given might knock out her respritory system or cause a pnmmonia which they said she will be needed to go up to ICU. Thanks for your help and input, if you think I should suggest something please let me know. Thanks
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