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Sleep disruptions

I recently discovered I've been having brief (1-5 minute) sleep interruptions frequently while sleeping when I checked my apple watch's sleep recording feature. This has been consistent for months. I've been suffering from intense fatigue, body aches, brain fog, and muscle twitches.

How accurate is the apple watch sensor? Is this sleep apnea? I don't snore or have any respiratory issues, and I don't usually wake up with a headache, just super groggy and disoriented. What other causes could there be?

I am tentatively diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder with a positive ANA and SS-B, with my mom diagnosed with lupus. I am also tentatively diagnosed with vasculitis that was discovered in a previous unrelated endoscopy, which I have a followup endoscopy scheduled soon to confirm. Could any of this be related?

Pictures of my sleep disruptions:
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Your  watch -- or any wearable for that matter lacking a legit EEG feature -- cannot accurately track or measure sleep.  But it can cause more worry about, thus worsening the problem.  

As for your med issues, all this is best discussed with your doctor.  
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