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Sleepless Nights.

I'm 15. I Havnt Slept Properly All Through The Night In About 2 Years. It All Started Off Where I Just Had Trouble Getting To Sleep. Eg. I Would Get Into Bed At 11 But I Wouldnt Be Able To Fall Asleep Til Three. Now I'm Lucky If I Get Any Sleep What So Ever. I'm So Irritated And Niggly All The Time Because Of Lack Of Sleep. At The Moment Because Of Severe Pain From A Car Accident I've Been Sleeping Even Less. But Forget That. Even Before that Happened, I Was Sluggishly Getting Through A School Day On About 3-4 Hours Of Very Disturbed, Light Sleep. I've Seriously Got to The End Of My Tether. I'll End Up Breaking Down. Often At About Ever 3 Weeks I'm ill Because I'm Lacking In So Much Sleep. Pleeeasseee!! Someone Help!!

Elspeth xx.
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Have you seen a sleep specialist? There may be a cause for your sleep problems that could be remedied. There are all kinds of sleep disorders that can hinder the quantity and quality of sleep. If even once you go to sleep it is restlesss, sounds to me like a sleep study might be able to identify what's happening during that restless sleep.
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Hi Sparkling, Relax! It seems you are under stress due to improper sleep and the sufferings so. Ambien is good choice for treatment of insomnia, but it is intended for short-term use. Elavil/Endep can be tried if you are not comfortable with Ambien and it is a non-addictive drug. Do morning-evening walk, regular stretches, have nutritious diet with lot of water or other liquids. Hot shower, gentle body massage and listening to soft music before going to bed can be soothing to mind and body, so it may be of some help. Mild dose of Alprax also can be tried. Avoid coffee/tea, smoking, alcohol and a bulky spicy meal at nights. It is a good idea to consult a neurologist and a sleep specialist for evaluation. Get an sleep study done. Keep updating of any visit. Take care.
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Wow. dejavu.
Im the same.  Have random pains that keep me awake
at night, and i just lay there.  Body wants to give in.

Have you tried taking pain relief just before bed?
Does it make a difference if you do something else - e.g.
have a hot bath, drink warm milk, read, not eat chocolate or drink
caffeine, dark room?
Does it make a difference if your stressed or thinking a lot?

I hope that helps.  Feel free to send me a note or something.
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We've Tried Everything.
Seriously Everything.

I've Got Pain From An Accident Which Is Just Constantly Pushing Me Over The Edge.
But I'm Seeing A Specialist For That.
Ever Before The Accident I Could Never Sleep.
I Lay There For Hours And When I Eventually Can't Take Anymore.. I Turning Into A child. I Kick The Mattress, Scream, Cry, Throw Stuff .. Just Break Down.
I've Been Seeing A Psychologist For A While Now .. She Reckons Its Because Of My Family Life .. But I'm Not Sure .. I Really Don't Care .. I Just Want A Night Where I Can Sleep More Than Half An Hour Without Waking Up And Where I Can Get More Than 4 Hours Sleep A Night. Its Making Me Physically Unwell. I've Completely Had Enough.

I Was Put On A Tranquilizer It Was An Ambien Called Zolpidem. And They Had Me Taking Diazapam. I Became Dependent On Both Because I Was On Them For So Long. The Zolpidem Gave Me A Twitch Which My Doctor Said Was A Common Side Effect. But Coming Of Them Was Awful. Really Was Horrific.

What Kind Of Pain Do You Get?

Elspeth. xx.
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Hi. Have you scheduled a sleep study yet? Since your sleep issues are really affecting your quality of life, is there any reason to delay? I'm really interested in hearing how it turns out for you.  
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Hi Sparkling, how are you doing? Hope you do better and be able to get some sleep? I do agree, how frustrating it would be without having proper sleep for such a long time. Well, Ambien is meant for short-term therapy so better to switch over to other drugs. You can get a sleep study done to know the current status of sleep pattern and discuss review of your drugs with the sleep specialist. A change in environment/place and people might be helpful, so plan a short vacation with family/friends. You can also try Melatonin as a natural therapy, although not extensively documented might help you.
Relax and take care.
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I Posted A Question A While Ago And Someone Suggested A Sleep Study .. I'm Not Sure If Thats Possible Here? What Is It?

Elspeth. xx.
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Sleep studies are done overnight either in a sleep lab or a hospital. I don't know where you are located, but sleep labs seem to be on every other corner in some places. Any of your doctors should be able to refer you to one. It might be helpful to make sure you get up real early and don't catnap the day before so you'll be more tired that night. They will attach wires that will monitor your heart,brain, limb and respiratory activity. It can be challenging for even a good sleeper to sleep in that setting, but if you even get just a few hours they may get some helpful information.

Please do not delay in exploring any avenue that may give you solutions. Sleep deprivation is not good for either the physical or mental health - I can attest to that. Let us know what your doctor says when you ask for a sleep study and when it is planned.
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