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Sleepwalk Sexonmia

I have a question about myself, just last night I had a wierd dream of having unprotected sex with my girl friend. Now I looked up on the net about sleepwalking, and I found  You carry out sex acts during your sleep, fully unaware that you are doing so. The behavior may be limited to your own bedroom, or you might actually leave your home, sleepwalk to your girlfriend’s house and have a night of wild sex that you won’t remember in the morning." I know my girl friend's house is very far. I'm not sure if sleepwalkers can open the door or even unlock the door but I have found my door's lock to be unlocked. When I was in my dream it actually felt real, like it was real sex. When I woke up from the nightmare I was found in my bed. Is this a major problem? Should I get tested for STDs/HIV afterwards?
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Can anybody help me, please? I am suffering from sexsomnia for 5 months. I masturbate during sex but i don't know why? Even when I wake up then I realize that i did wrong but at night I am unaware. plz, help. Can I tie my hand to a bed with a rope? Or change a place
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