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Something wrong with me

When i was younger i would come home from school and just be so tired that i would curl up on the couch and sleep. After 30 mins or an hour of sleep i was fine ready to go. However, as i progressed and got older it got to the point where if i didn't have that time to sleep it off i would get to a point where i no longer had a choice if i wanted to sleep or not it would just happen. I was given a stimulant around that time to up my alertness during the day, this worked but the dose had to be upped continually because after 3 or so months it lost its affect. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure which is was took me off the pill, i then went for a sleep test. I was told i had sleep apnea and that i would need to wear a mask while sleeping for now on. I continued with the symptoms of near uncontrollable sleep during the day even while on the mask. After several years i went back for a study they told me i was fine i didn't have apnea asked for the machine back and that was the end of it. Ever since however, i just have not felt right.

I take naps during the day normally for an hour or 2 but if i wanted to honestly i could sleep for 4-6 wake up and go back to bed at a normal time and sleep another 9 without a problem. The real problem i am seeing is the symptoms ill list below.

Uncontrollable sleepiness *Fall asleep as a passenger in a car with my chin on my chest in seconds, Fall asleep while driving for very short periods 3 seconds at most and wake up, get an urge where its almost like im blacking out and i cant do anything to stop it*

Sleeping becoming TO easy * ill often prepare for bed, lay down and within 1 minute i am asleep.*

Increased drowsiness * This used to be solved by a very brief nap however, as i got older the period i have to sleep during a nap is getting longer and longer to achieve the effect of no longer being tired the rest of the day*

I Just don't know if i should go back to the doctor and ask for a stimulant again or what because the sudden onset of sleepiness that results in falling asleep while driving or with my chin on my chest while driving *which looks absolutely stupid from the drivers perspective* and having to take increasingly long naps just to avoid these uncontrollable blackouts is getting to much.

Adult male 20 years old
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anyone got any answers?
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Howdy do, Mr. J'...

I don't have any professional answers for you, I'm just a grumpy old man of 48 who had many an odd malady since clear back to grade school; I absolutely relate to the mention of short little, frighteningly unavoidable "NAPS" 2-3-4 seconds - WHILE DRIVING!

Dude... Yeah huh!!! Those will make you a bit sketchy in short order eh! (quivers) I remember needing to begin a 3 hour drive at 3 A.M  - dead of winter, kept all 4 windows down, radio cranked to max, singin like a blasted fool at the top of my lungs and rocking back in forth as far as the seat and steering wheel would allow... PRAYING that I wouldn't slip off.

That's just one example of THOUSANDS mate..

I suppose that Sleep Centers can be good, bad, totaly rotten, average - just like every other market - right... It certainly SOUNDS like you have real, "CLINICAL" issues - and issues that NEED to gwet sorted out before you hurt yourself or/and someone else - or worse.

I was finaly sorted out with severe obstructive sleep apnea as wel as narcolepsy with non emotional cataplexy...

Wild as hades yo - I'll be standing there, fully conversational, placing a cup of java in the nuke, and the lights just go out - boom, I fall out - break bones - fingers, ribs, tear muscles - rotator cuff, ligaments; straight up! I've completely thrashed this body these past 4 years! I'd say on average I'm still fallin down and goin boom at least 3 X'sin a 24 hour period X's 3 -4 periods then I regain a firm pattern again for 4-8 days; then back to , "uh oh"!

I used a ton of hard core street drugs back in the glory days tho; I'd be betting that I've just mutated the carp out of the Dopamine, Seretonin and NorEpinephi' factories and distribution terminals - gots all kind of synapz screechin around in this brain pan tryin to go zap - and things just aren't shapin up to code anymore!

After 3 full sleep studies - yes - it did take alot of time and $$$ - I was diagnosed with the above, I'm non tolerant to a cpap, bi-pap, PAPs of any persuasion - my breathing has gotten so bad now that I'm on a constant 4 lpm 24/7 anyhow; but what I found to litteraly be a "LIFESAVER" was a med called Provigil.

I remember back to the High School days when I was jamming a ball point pen into the palm of my hand to induce enough pain stimulation in attempt to just not fall asleep again in a class; just to hear that papermate make a loud click as it hit the tile floor - about 4 seconds before the louder "thump" which would be my head meating the surface of the desk.

Serious stuff J' - get thee to a Physician mon... Hey - can you like rig up a CamCorder on your dash board or something?

Take them in some real video footage evidence: "HERE! This is what MY life looks like - now do you REALLY wanna share a 2 lane road with me"?

PROVIGIL  (professional vigillance) ...
They don't know "WHY or HOW it works"; just that it does!
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