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Spirits or some kind of paralysis..

My names is James Broussard.... i am 18 years old.
The first time this happend was at my grandparents... where i slept downstairs in the creapy livingroom with the church clock.btu i woke up first lookin around o findout my grandma was comin down to use the bathroom. i tried goin back to sleep and thats when the pressure and whispering started... nothin i could make out or understand but it was loud enough to make me wanna pull head into my shoulder like a turtle. And whenever i wanted to try moving out of it it was like something was struggling to hold me.*SHAKING*
i figured i could call out because the sond was getting louder, btu when i opened my mouth, the same kind of noise you would make for your doctor when he says open your mouth and say "AAAAAHHHHH"
but there was no noise i could make. a while later my grandma came out of the bathroom and staerted to walk up the stairs... i guess it ended or somthin and my legs n arms spread. i jumped up to tell my grandma an she said it couldnt be a spirit cuz of that thing they do to the house...

second time was when my brother and sister left to sty with there friends an i stayed home with my mom. i lef the door open and not long after i wen tto sleep at 1 this happend. The grasp over my body not allowing me to move. now im shaking again totlly away and my eyes are able to move btu my arms and legs under the covers and i cant move. i look towards the alarm clock and it says 2. an hour after i finally went to bed. These are things that happend... "Shaking of my body, The loud non-readable whispering in my ear,paralysis"

No around 3 in the morning 4/21/10
The worst one came, before i went to bed i thought of that movie "paranormal activity, how the guy talked down and the spirit got upset" i told myself it was a ghost or anything. but i went to bed at1:20 cuz i finished some work for school. I woke up around 2 somthing and turned my hea to look at the door... i figured whatever happend was just a little something.. and yet right after i tried closing my eyes for 10 minutes i felt it again. That pressure holding my legs and arms together making it impossible to move. BUT THIS TIME! it seriously shook me, to a point where i... i dont ****** think a paralysis or a sleeping disorder PUSHES YOU INTO THE BED! four times. right after i figured i thought those words i said about it i my head, so because i couldnt speak i thought to myself "IM SORRY, IM SORRY, IM SORRY, i didnt mean what i said, its just alot craps been going on, actually think you could help me with any of it?" and then it stopped...
but the first thing i did was get up and close the door then i woke up my brother to tell him...

I need some kind of help here.. i dont want this to continue...
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