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Started with spiders and then...

Wonder what it means when you see images that you look at a lot...like I play Solitaire a lot and lately the images I see are red and black blobs...looking like a club and spade on top of each other...and diamond and heart...and then they will repeat the patterns across the whole ceiling and down the walls.  I still see spiders but these new images are prevalent...having for about a year.  Am 75 and have had no eye problems.  I am going to the doctor next week.

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I think it is "normal" for one to see an image the look at "too long" to be more-or-less imprinted in the mind.  I've had some minor experience but nothing so vivid as you say.  

I have a problem with trouble mares and the only thing I can conclude is the dreams are driven by fears of what might happen, but basically never have, in the awake world.

What doctor are you going to see?  I have discussed my trouble mares with my cardiologist (the beta blockers he has prescribed could be a contributor), with my Primary Care, and briefly with a sleep specialist doctor I was examined by and I was found to suffer from mild obstructive sleep apnea - none had any real advice relative to trouble dreaming.. at least not as long as I get enough sleep to deal with the awake time I have without excessive tiredness.

Not much help, but just trying to relate.
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I plan to see an ophthalmologist...I saw an optometrist for a check up.  I described my images situation and he admitted he did not know of what I was talking about.  I found that difficult to believe...that any eye specialist of any kind had not heard of this sort of issue.  Now after reading all these posts I realize that it has been attributed to many things.  I will report back after doctor's appointment.  Had the 10 of diamonds this a.m.
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