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Sudden and uncontrolled Sleep fits,

Good Afternoon,
I am recently experiencing these sudden bouts of extreme tiredness, and then falling asleep is inevitable. However, it (the sleep) only lasts for, at most, 5 mins. It happens more so when I am at work. The last incident happened today; I had just finished a task and was sitting there and all of a sudden I got extremely tired, and could not keep my eyes open. I was out for maybe 3 mins. I woke right back up, not sleepy anymore, but yawning a plethora more than I was before the attack. I am like this every-time it happens, too. Another thing I do notice is, when I am the passenger in the car I can stay awake for the trip, but if I am driving I am exhausted feeling within an hour of the drive. I have fallen asleep behind the wheel a small number of times, but I will call someone and it keeps me awake. This is getting to be very worrisome.

I do have severe migraines, high resting heart rate, and insomnia.

I do not have a headache/migraine at/or after the attacks either.
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