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Terrible Insomnia

I have a terrible time with not sleeping. When I work I work the evening shift so my body clock may be trained to stay up almost all night I'm not sure. I have tried Atarax....it gives me too bad a hangover can't function next day. Tonight is my first night trying trazadone. I pray it works. I've tried all the relaxation meditation stuff. I just don't sleep between midnight and 8am like the rest of the world. Anyone with experience I welcome your feedback. Anyone with experience with trazadone for sleep.   Thanks  oh I am a 28 year old male lol
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We are in the same boat, I hope someone answers you I need answers too!
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I have the absolute worst insomnia. I can go days straight without an ounce of sleep. I take trazodone 150 mg for sleep, along with seroquel. Normally I don't take the seroquel unless I absolutely need it, bc it makes me feel so hungover the next morning.

Trazodone has been a lifesavor for me. It took the dr a few days to find the right dose. But it works for me.

There's a few side effects I personally get from it. Sometimes I'll get terrible night sweats, my bed sheets will be drenched :/ It also gives me vivid dreams, sometimes they're really strange but I'd rather have insanely odd dreams than not be able to sleep!  And also, when I first started taking it, I'd wake up reaaally groggy the next morning. This can be avoided by taking it earlier in the night. But it's only like that until your body gets used to it. Oh and lastly, you're supposed to take it with food. I've noticed if I don't eat before taking it, even something small, it doesn't work as effectively. I've sometimes woken up periodically throughout the night because of not eating with it. I'm assuming more of the drug gets absorbed if you eat.

Anyway, that's my personal experience! Hope to have been some help. Good luck! :)
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Trazodone knocks me out, but in the morning it makes me feel like a downed a pint of whiskey the night before... arrrgghhh sleep shouldnt be so hard! ha
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