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Tested Negative for OSA - Still Tired?


I'm a fifteen year old female, average BMI (19.6), active and (usually) healthy. I was tested recently for sleep apnea because I don't sleep well. I wake up tired, and my ability to concentrate or think is impaired. My usual bed-time is around 9:30 - 10:00 p.m, and I fall asleep past 12. My sleep study reports that while I DON'T have OSA, I only have a sleep efficiency of 70% and it took me about 250 minutes to fall asleep.
Now, my mom and doctor want me to go to an ENT to basically figure out if there's anything else affecting my sleep. My tonsils are normal, but it's my nose that concerns me The inside sections closes to the septum in the farther back area is swollen and I can clearly see red capillaries coursing over them. I'm constantly having bad nasal congestion, and I think that's what aggravates me sleep patterns. Is there anything else that might affect my sleep? Brain? Heart? Lungs? I do have trouble inhaling (or feeling like I'm inhaling) fully.
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It doesn't sound like your symptoms could have to do with heart brain or lungs... If you're negative for OSA though, I'd imagine that you can breathe through your mouth and sleep okay.. Idk man Idk why I'm answering this tbh
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Does a nasal spray like Afrin clear your congestion?  If not I think there is a physical/structural problem you ENT should be able to diagnose.  Sleeping by breathing through the mouth is a rough road in my experience... dry mouth is horrible.  I use a lot of saline nasal spray and a steroid spray, the help but I still wake up frequently.  Afrin works great but can't use constantly... only allow the luxuary about once a week  ; (

I suffer from mild OSA, lost aboput 10% of body weight and that doesn't trouble me any more, or it is masked by nasal congestion...but, I think not as Afrin will keep nose open all night.
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Hi!! So sorry for the late reply. The ENT told me that I should never use Afrin because all it does is temporarily relieve the symptoms, but induces the blood capillaries in the nose to widen, causing more swelling.
He said my adenoids were slightly swollen, and that my nasal passages were extremely congested, and prescribed an antihistamine (Dymista). He told me to go see an allergist, as my symptoms were probably from allergies.
The allergist confirmed that my symptoms were most likely caused by the item I reacted to the most; dust-mites. So now I'm taking allergy shots once a week. I haven't currently seen any real changes yet, but hopefully, after 30 or so shots, I'll be feeling a little more tolerant to those pesky mites. :) Hope this helps!
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