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Tired, driving, and worried

For a few years now I have had issues, mostly while driving, but more recently just sitting around the house with being extremely sleepy and falling asleep.  My wife is constantly worried for me when I am driving to work and I have resorted to some drastic measures to keep myself awake while driving specifically.  While drivingwhen I recognize that I am starting to get sleepy I usually try and keep moving as much as I can (usually to no avail), eat and drink stuff to keep myself preoccupied, try and raise my heart rate by tensing my entire body for short periods of time, and even resort to hitting and slapping myself in some instances.  I am amazed that I have not been in any accidents that involved damage to property to people, but I have ended up in the ditch a couple times because of this issue.

I have done the usual Google searches and so far the only things that seem to make sense are early stages of narcolepsy or some sort of circulation issue.  I am making an appointment with my general physician this week to try and find out more, but I am wondering if anyone else out there has experienced similar circumstances and have any suggestion s on how to proceed.  I do not want to try drugs and see if they work, and have been debating requesting a sleep study, but do not know if it is necessary or not, and probably will want a more specialized physician to give me a diagnosis as general physicians have a base knowledge of everything with specialization in very little.

Any advice or suggestions are appreciated as I want my wife and kids to have peace of mind.
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Please, until you find a "fix" stop your car and get out and walk around it a couple of time then get back in and see if you can go farther.

It seems you are not getting enough sleep.  I hope you are in bed for more than 8 hours, that's a good way to start getting enough sleep.  If then you can't get to or stay asleep, some aid may be necessary.  You should be able to get a handle on how much time your are asleep, and if it is less than 8 hors I think you problem is getting more sleep, not having a sleep study  

However if you have a sleep apnea that is robbing you of sleep a sleep study is the way to establish that.  But if you do tend to be "out" the whole night, not waking up, then I think it unlikely your have an apnea problem.
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