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Too scared to sleep due to the fear of death . Need serious and asap help .

Hi, I'm 15 y/o and I'm having critical problem to get sleep especially at night since I was 12 y/o but thing get worser as I get older . My claustrophobia has caused me to have difficulty to shut my eyes off or even lie on bed because I'm too afraid that I'll wake up in the grave on the next morning . Another thing that harden me to sleep is thinking that I'm not belong to this world anymore , people avoid themselves from me and I feel so lonely .I do experience headache, shaking , increased heartbeat and vomiting. There's nothing that could describe how terrified I am . Furtehermore,  I am strongly recommended by my dermatologist to sleep by 10p.m. due to my skin sensitivity (miliaria) . But this sleep problem make me stay awake until it's 3 a.m. and I can finally be asleep and not to mention that I need to wake up at 4.30a.m. for school or I'll be late . It occurs pretty much everyday and that's mean that I only sleep for 1 hour and half .  Please help me solve this asap or I'm not going to make it to the final year, I'm studying at a National Gifted Centre and it's important for me to get enough rest . I had been given a 1 month trial to prove the administrators that I'm completely healthy mentally and physically or they'll kick me out of this prestigous school . A lot of thanks to the Docs :)  
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I have to recommend for you to do 2 things. First I would set up an appointment to see a psychiatrist. This would be to see if they can help you deal or manage your problem with being claustrophobic. The next thing that I suggest if you have not already tried it is to try using a nature sleep aid. You can go into any grocery store that has a vitamins section. The one I recommend is called Melatonin. I believe once your are able to deal with being claustrophobic the rest of your issues will go away. I hope this helps.
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Unfortunately, the school's caunseling unit wasn't agreed to arrange a psychiatrist visit for me . And now,  I think that it has been far too late as I'm passing the deadline . So , I'll just be prepared to be kicked out of this school, leaving all my research , oh goshh , they wouldn't realise on how crucial the research is . I didn't do it for myself, it's for my mom who suffer from a very rare kind of cancer and I'm pretty sure that I'm very close to the answer , so is the mentor panel . After all, it's the administrator's decision , and thanks for your recommendation , I'd appreciate that . :)
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I so feel for you. I think anxiety from your mother's poor health and other stresses may be causing psychological problems. If you can't get to a psychiatrist, go to a family doctor. They can prescribe psych meds short term and refer you to a psychiatrist. It usually is quite a wait to get in to a psychiatrist. You need to get to a doctor ASAP! Also, maybe you do need a break from this high-stress school. You are so young, you have plenty of time to take a break and then find something else that fits you better. I'm in my 50's and am going back to school for a career change! You have tons of time!
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