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Total insomnia for 6 days/nights

3 months ago i was a normal 28 yrs old woman, who slept 8-9 hours/night whitout any struggle, then i moved into an apartament with extremely noisy neighbours (there is silence maximum 5 hours in 24 hours). I started fall asleep harder and harder, till i got to this point to not sleep at all because i never could fall asleep in noisy places, now i have 6 days with 0 hours asleep and DONT feel the need to sleep anymore, i dont feel tired, i just have muscle trembling and feel miserable all the time. I also have a 2 yrs old son and i can barely take care of him.
I tryed melatonin but doesnt work anymore.
I dont want to become addicted on pills and not be able to sleep without them.
I'll be able to leave this problematic apartment only next month.
Please help me, i really need an expert advice!
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