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Total lack of sleep after headache and neck pain

I need help please. Have lost all ability to sleep. Severe anger. Personality change. Memory problems. Vision and nerve problems. Severe dizziness. What is this. Cancer? Paraneoplastic disease? Autoimmune encephalitis? Prion? I don't know and neither do doctors. Anyone? Suffering is too much. All started with head pressure and something like a seizure.
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Part of it is probably fueled by your excessive negativity, including your mistaken belief that you've "lost all ability to sleep".  I'm sure if you check that for accuracy you'll see it's an overblown exaggeration, which is likely fueling your insomnia to at least some degree.  You can address the negative thoughts by using a CBT sleep training program.  You might also consider seeing an MD who specializes in sleep to ensure you have no other identifiable issues disrupting your sleep.
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Sleep study showed complete lack of rem sleep. Eeg showed seizure activity while trying to reach sleep.
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