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Urgent! Cannot breathe in my sleep?

While i’m falling asleep I jolt awake from not being able to breathe. I wake up confused and i feel like i’m being swallowed, as if i completely forgot the ability breathe and it takes me a second to remember to inhale. I’m at the point where I fall asleep when I blink in the mornings because i have such horrid sleep. I also have this weird symptom where I haven’t been able to sneeze for about 6 months ?? What could this mean?
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See a doc to either treat or rule out the possibility of an underlying disorder like obstructive sleep apnea.
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It may sleep apnea. Consult a specialized physician and perform sleep studies for diagnosis.
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Notwithstanding the very valid responses from morpheus1514 and MR_WHY, you should also check out the thread in medhelp.org under the question 'stopping breathing when falling asleep'. In particular, the responses by sonic12 and myself (PMV50) may give you some possible insight into your experiences and may provide some alternative approaches to addressing the problem if (as with myself and sonic12) your physician/doctor comes up empty handed.
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