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I have a friend who seems to be waking up most nights crying. This has been happening for about a week and she has woken up around 4/5 times within that week.
She currently is taking 4 tough a-levels and has a part time job for 2 days a week. She also meets me every weekend.
I am worried and I want to find out ways to help. There is no set time that we go to bed but usually between 10.15-11.30.
Any prevention technique would be much appreciated.
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So do I understand correctly you are a witness to the crying, not the party?  Does the crying wake you up - or does "she"wake you up as tell you she was crying?

Crying must be related to dreams, unless she is actually crying because of something on her conscious mind.  Try to help her understand why she is crying regardless wake or asleep. Dream problems can be resolved.  I think it is a general truth that bad dreams are the result of our minds, the one we use when awake, is trying to resolve something.  If you can identify what that is and resolve it when awake I'll bet the dreams (assumed in my input) stop.
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