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Waking up disorder

Since about Fall of 2004, when I am woken up by other people, I wake up yelling, kicking, and screaming obscenities as though I needed an exorcist. It ranges from just a few seconds to about 15 or 20 seconds. It's weird because I am aware of it when it happens, but it's like trying to control a sneeze half-way through. It's not night terrors because I'm technically awake, I haven't been traumatized in childhood or anything like that either. Whenever I sleep around other people, I try to warn them. Then I hear them the next day telling me "man, I thought you were just messing with us, but shoot!" It even happens when someone just taps me on the shoulder while I'm asleep. Sometimes it seems kinda neat, like I get this moment of fame, and people can joke about it. Other times, however, its just embarrassing or I feel guilty about it because I know I scare myself and others -especially the ones that last over 7 seconds. I try to hide from many of my close relative because I don't want them to worry about it, and do stuff like fall asleep after everyone and set my phone to wake myself way before anyone. This keeps me from enjoying holidays with enough sleep. I've seen myself wake up from camera phones and am surprised I haven't been put on youtube yet, it's horror movie type stuff. I'm also surprised that I can't find more people who have this- I know its abnormal but I  never thought it was this rare. I'm hoping that I 'm maybe just not looking in the right places or found the right name for it - if it has one. If anyone can help me out on this one, I'd appreciate it.
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My father acted like that sometimes. Usually he acted out his bad dreams, but if someone disturbed his sleep at the wrong time, it got ugly briefly until it passed. One time as teens my brother and I got home late, and just the sound of someone coming in the door caused him to jump up and grab his shotgun shouting "Stop or I'll shoot!". Luckily for us before he could get it loaded he was fully awake with Mom saying repeatedly, "It's the kids. Stop".

In this day and age there may be medications to help with these outbursts. I talked to someone just recently that her husband was like this and he was taking a medication that helped. But it was in conjunction with treatment for OSA and limb movements during sleep. It might be an good idea for you to be working with a reputable sleep doctor, maybe even a sleep neurologist, to make sure no sleep disorders are causing you to be in an agitated state during sleep. Once that is determined (by an overnight sleep study), you could consider taking medication. All medications come with side effects, so that's why I wouldn't start with meds until I knew there was no contributing causes.

My father lived a lifetime without any treatment (was ages ago) but was miserable. Healthy sleep is so very important to both physical and mental well being.  Maybe there will be fairly easy solutions for you.
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