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Waking up early mornings

I have a number of issues so I"m not sure waht is cuasing this does anyone have any perspectiv eon this?
I have a hyper-active thryoid which can cause sleep disturbance. I have diabetres. I am going through pre-menopause which is causing night sweats.

So, my issue is that I go to sleep every night at 9-9:30 pm (always have) and wake up every monrihg between 4:45-5:30 am and I am so tired during the day. I don't know why I'm waking up, not topee, not hungry, unable to go back to sleep, why do I ened so much more sleep.
Help, any ideas on what I can do to sleep more throu the night?
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I believe that all of the issues you mentioned are contributing  to your lack of sleep. It's known that menopause in early stages cause sleep disorders, diabetes also can do that, don't know much about the the thyroid disorder but it can also contribute.
I have also sleep disorders, and I found that a nap during the day help me to sleep better at night, believe or not... incredible. Try also night sleep tea, a glass of warm milk or in extreme case ask your doctor for Ambien CR, I take it and help me a lot, but be careful, can be habit forming and lose its capabilities.
Good luck,
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Generally it would seem that's an adequate amout of sleep, but if you're not feeling rested, you may need evaluated for possible sleep disorders.
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