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Weird sensation before sleeping

So sometimes when Im falling asleep I get this weird feeling, is like waves of unconscioness or darkness (not religious but is my best shot to describing it), they start light but when I'm falling deeper it gets more intense and fast and I feel numb in my arms, I can at all points get back to complete awakeness but when is stronger is more difficult and I get this strong feel of fear if I get too deep. The waves start at the top of my head and is way more usual in naps, even with my eyes close I can feel my sight going darker, I have traied going to the end but I can't control de fear of going to deep. They started like a year ago and they were very frecuent at the begging but now it's not as usual. Have you ever experienced this?
I'm sorry of any misspelling I'm not native speaker
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Hm, this happens every time?  Do you have anxiety?  I have not experienced this but during a time of great stress when I was in school, I had a few things possibly similar.  But I was exhausted and highly anxious at the time.  The pins and needles feeling could be how you are laying and nerve compression.  

How is your overall sleep? Do you have insomnia at all?  https://www.calmclinic.com/anxiety/types/falling-asleep  This article has some great suggestions for sleeping and anxiety issues.  Check it out.  
I do suffer if anxiety, I used to have problem getting asleep but not recently. They started out of knowhere like a year ago, since then the frequency has decreased, but it's usual when a take a nap, I do feel like pins and needles when my body numbs when it goes deeper and it takes some time to get back to be able to move, but I feel aware all the time it's happening, it only happens when falling asleep.
Thank you so much for answering
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Try letting go the fear and see what happens.  If nothing bad, you can let this go permanently and be confident it won't hurt you.
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