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What is going on with o2 level

Ok, so I have several other health issues going on. But all was OK but the horrible night sweats. I asked my Dr about it and she ordered a sleep study. The sleep study did not show sleep apnea. I was surprised it didn't because I had this problem as a kid. But anyhow the test showed a good sleep patteren with 10 hypo-apnea events lasting only 2 seconds at most. However, my Oxygen level stayed on the low side during the deeper stages of sleep, and dropped to about 82%.  It stayed on the low side for over 4 hours. They side the little events recorded was not enough to cause this problem. But also could not tell me why it was happening, because everything else was fairly normal. So I was started on O2 during sleep. The good news is that the night sweats are gone. The bad news is they still do not know why I am having this issue. Anybody have any ideas?

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Ozone therapy claims many advantages. Search Ozone therapy and find out whther it fits your bill.
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What other health issues do you have?  Do you smoke, have asthma, a lung or thyroid disorder?  Any of these in addition to some medications could cause hypoventilation during sleep.
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Actually, it got worse after I quit smoking, go figure. No asthma, no lung or thyroid disorders, no hypoventilation. Resp rates normal during the sleep study, Recent chest x-ray showed no issues. Holter monitor was negative, Stress test negative, Echo negative, EKG Negative. Sleep Problems started well before I was on any meds. Negative for OSA/CSA.

Current suspected health problems:
Mild Hypertension, Palpitations, Treated with Toprol XL 50mg
Bi-Polar Disorder, treated with Cymbalta 60mg, and Seroquel 200mg
Sleep Disorder, (insomnia) also treated with Seroquel 200mg
Sleep Disorder, O2 sat drops, treated with o2 at 96% 2.5lm

Some other issues are very large varicose veins in both legs, pain in both legs when not resting. This issues was deemed not to be a big problem at this time.
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