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What is happening to me? Worried!

For the past one week, I cannot sleep. I try to sleep, and with great difficulty when I do sleep, I wake up in one  hour. I have no other symptoms of note apart from extreme weakness and tiredness. I should mention that I had moved to another country across time zones, but was doing okay for the past 2 months. These problems only started a week back. However, earlier, I was sleeping quite late and waking up very late as a result. I am quite scared I am going to die. I literally cannot sleep for more than an hour a day. Please help me- what could it be?  I am 27 years old and never suffered from insomnia before. I am worried it could be the fatal insomnia.
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Check your vitamin D levels with 25OH vitamin D blood test. Low D and low magnesium cause cause insomnia, anxiety, depression, etc.

You want you D levels above 50ng/mL. You can supplement with D3 and magnesium

I have low D and sleep issues
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