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What is happening to me?

this has happened twice to me in the past 2 - 3 months. I have now since last night have has 2 dreams where i couldnt wake up. The first one i was laying on my couch when i feel alseep. And in my dream it was going good for a little and then like i do sometimes in my dreams i said "this is a dream" and then this black figure took me. so when i thought i woke up it was like night and it sounded like someone has came through the door and my first thought was that it must be my mom but i could really see anything that much. When twhatever it was came into the den it didnt answer me and then it smiled very twistedly. And i woke up back where i was and i still couldnt see anything but this time what was wearing my mom wasnt my mom and i knew that i asked who it was and why they were wearig my mom but all it said was youll see and i kept waking up and calling out for my mom to helpe kicking screaming hiting and punching it over and over and over but mothing worked and it laughed at me told me i would never see the light of day again that i would see my mom or anyone i loved ever again and after a long time i gave uo and i was ready to except my fate and die and it gave me a test took me into what looked like a highschool hall way and was taughting me and he told im going to break you down until you are nothing and the darkness will consume you youll never see anyone you ever loved ever again and i just stood there and did nothi but it turned around and said to someone see id told you see would crack and in that moment i gave a confused angry face and i was gonna try to beat his *** once more and i had him by the hild and then i somehow ended up back to the nice dream and then i woke up. Now i think tht they are connected by whoever he was talking to last night i had the same consept dream could wake up no matter how gard i tired but this time i was in the bed where i feel asleep and i thought that my mom cause she was staying the night got up and went downstair cause the lights were opened but i could move and then i think this blonde guy popped put of no where and started doing the same consept things i kept screaming trying to make it to where it could get through the real me and make her wake me up up nothing work i kept on fighting him and he kept on goving e false hope and at the end of it al i bashed his skull in with my foot and i woke up for real and them two seconds later i hear my mom screaming for help for someone to help her when i go to see her i try to wake her up and i asked her what she was dreaming about but as usally she couldnt remember and i just hope theres some sort of explanation i have ideas of what it can be but maybe its something just wrong with me and nothing to do with other worldly things please help me
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When I had trouble with nightmares, none remembered in the detail you provided, I started practicing a physical wake-up, that is when awake and in any situation that looks suspicious I opened my eyes wide.  This practice resulted in my doing the same when asleep and I woke up, this ended up in the nightmares stopping in the main.  I may have a simple nightmare or scare a couple times a year.. and I am now an old man, that in itself can be scary.

Your dreaming sounds like Lucid dreaming, see the work on the subject on the web.  It offers ideas and practices on how to take control of dreaming when you in fact know you are dreaming.. including how to test if you are asleep. The methodology also adds value to awake times as it trains the mind to see in more detail... high detail is the first general sign one is awake... good luck, no one should have to go through what you describe.
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